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Affinity Groups
In a world with dissolving borders, global "affinity groups" - large groupings of related peoples that share similar origins, languages and cultures - act as a lens through which missionaries view lostness and focus strategy to share the gospel.

Focusing strategy through affinity groups gives missionaries a more complete picture of the people they are working to reach as well as the freedom to pursue the lost regardless of their location.

IMB has identified seven primary affinity groups (encompassing the world's 12,000-plus known people groups). An eighth affinity group uniquely targets the world's culturally Deaf peoples.

Progress / Global Status of Evangelical Christianity
The Progress Toward Engaging Unreached Peoples map illustrates progress toward a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ. As you view this map, rejoice in how the Gospel has spread among many peoples and pray for the 3,000 people groups that remain unreached and unengaged.

The Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (GSEC) map portrays the spread of the gospel among people groups by measuring:

percentage of evangelicals
access to evangelical resources
recent church planting activity

The GSEC model provides critical information for strategic decision makers.

Unengaged Unreached People Groups
A people group is unreached when less than 2 percent of its population is evangelical Christian.
A people group is unengaged when no evangelical church planting strategy is being implemented among them.

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